Our Special and Supportive Community

We recognise the importance of the community that surrounds and supports our academy. We have many, many people who help us to learn and offer their support in lots of different ways. We know that it is a vital for the children to feel that they belong to a community and understand their role within it. We aim to ensure that all children become engaged members of their local community. We believe that all the skills they learn when interacting with the local community will stand them in good stead for their future

The Royal Air Force Marham

It is not only our location that links us with The Royal Air Force. The very special relationship we have continues to be strengthed on an almost daily basis. The personnel help us with our learning and give their time and expertise to enhance special projects. The children too recognise the role they play in this community and can often be found singing for special occassions. 


Our Local Farming Community

 We are very proud and very lucky to have the support of our farming community. From Sandringham to Marham and beyond our local community have helped and supported us as we learn about crops and nature. 

We have seen some amazing things this year. By kind permission of the landowners we have seen crops planted and learnt about how important they are in everyday life. Who knew Maltesers were made from barley?

Our outdoor learning makes life here at Marham very special and being surrounded by so many fields we can't help but learn about the special crops surrounding us.

Thank you to Heygates, Albanwise, Hillborough Estate and Sandringham Royal Fruit Farm for being so kind with their time.