Cherry Tree Academy Marham Infant is a part of the Multi-Academy Trust; Cherry Tree Academy Trust Marham. This company is a charitable company limited by guarantee. The company is registered with Companies House and has a funding agreement with the Department for Education.

Information about the company, its structure, funding agreements and financial information are available on the Trust website or, should you prefer paper copies of our documents you can request these from the Trust's Head Office located at Cherry Tree Academy Marham Infant, Cedar Road, Upper Marham, PE33 9LT.

Cherry Tree Academy Marham Infant does not have a Local Governing Body, the functions of governance are completed by the Board of Trustees. 


Richard Durrant

Jan Knight

Suzie Wales


Richard Durrant     Chair of the Board - email 

Stacey Gray           Vice Chair

Michaela Webb      C.E.O, Executive Principal and Accounting Officer - email 

Sam Day

Carol Lawrence

Cheryl Sharp


A register of business interests can be found by clicking on this link or you can find further information on the Cherry Tree Trust Website 










Should you have any questions about the company please ring 01760 337 217 or email