Day to Day Questions and Answers

Quick Reference -  Day to Day Answers for Day to Day Questions

School Lunches - are free as part of the government Universal Free Infant School Meals. Please sign up to receive these meals. 

Fab Fridays - the children are out and about all day both inside and out, whatever the weather. Please help your children get the most out of the day and ensure they dress appropriately to go outside

Book Bags - need to be brought to school every day except on school trips

School Trips - uniform unless otherwise stated

Sickness and Upset Tummies - 48 hours clear before coming back to school - no exceptions

Medicine - Can be given in school but medication forms must be completed by parent or carer

Leave of Absence (Holidays) - These can only be granted in exceptional circumstances as dictated by the Government. We do recognise the unique, exceptional needs of families at our school. Permission must be sought prior to leave being taken as a failure to do so may result in the leave being unauthorised. Please see our Attendance Policy in the Policies and Pupil Premium Section of this website.

Unforeseen School Closure e.g. very bad weather - We always try to stay open. If we have to close we advise the Local Authority and ammend our website. If we are able to we will also text you.


We understand that there might be occasions when your child cannot attend the academy however we are fully committed to ensure that all children receive their right to their education. Please click on the link to read about attendance at our academy.


We always welcome parents and families into our academy. During the year each area of our curriculum areas will be represented for families to find out about how we teach and what they children learn across the age ranges.

Should you have any questions about your child's learning please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher.

Can I help at the Academy?

We love to have families in school to share our experiences and help with reading or other class activities or clubs. If you would like to share some of your time with us please talk to your class teacher or the school office. We do ask that all volunteers undertake a Criminal Record Check before starting volunteering with us.

Useful Links

Marham Village Pre-school a preschool in a village setting which children attend before coming to our school

Marham Rainbow Centre a preschool and all daycare facility located next door to our school providing before and after school care

Starting School  places at Cherry Tree Academy Marham Infant are offered by Norfolk County Council. The Council are very mindful of the flexibility required by the school to accommodate our children and work closely with us to ensure that place are allocated as quickly as possible. If you would like your child to join our academy please contact either the Council via their website or ourselves via the school office.

School Closures  In adverse weather condition our school will be listed if a decision has been made to close the school.


Complaints Procedure click on the link for information.

Fair Processing Notice (Layer 2)

We would welcome feedback on the website and please let us know if there is anything else you would like to see.  You can leave a message under the Contact Us tab or e-mail


Although we regularly seek your views of the school the team at OFSTED need to know too. Inspections are held at very short notice and as such regular paper questionnaires are no longer taken. The inspection team use the opinions taken via parent view to help inform and decide which schools to inspect.

In addition to our feedback about your views taken through our surveys you can see the opinions of other parents who have used parent view. It is a quick and easy process for which there is a screencast to guide you