Learning in Year Two

Year Two is a very exciting year here at the academy. Children are encouraged to become even more independent in preparation for their move into Key Stage Two. During the year the children are offered the chance to join in large local and national events and a one night residential trip. Learning in the classroom continues to be linked to learning outside in the environment.

At the end of the year children in Year Two complete a range of national assessments and staff also make a judgement of how the children compare to national expectations for this year group. Class teachers discuss with families their child's progress towards the end of year expectations and report their assessment of each child's ability at the end of the academic year. The children also undertake a number of tests during May / June, these tests are set nationally and undertaken as part of an everyday lesson.

In June children who did not meet the expected standard in the Year One Phonics Test will re-take the test. We are currently waiting for information about Phonics Tests in Autumn as the children were unable to complete their Year One Phonics checks as a result of national schools closures owing to COVID-19.

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200 High Frequency words to read and spell