Learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage

Children who arrive at Cherry Tree bring with them a wonderful wealth of experiences, from local, national and international families and settings. Here at Cherry Tree we firmly believe that each of these experiences make our children unique and therefore planning their learning, and progression, must be individual to the child.


With play and exploration fundamental to learning in our academy, we ensure that children learn through first-hand experiences. This they achieve by actively ‘doing’ as well as through scaffolding and modelling by adults. We understand that effective learning builds on and extends what our children know and can do independently. All adults in the Early Years Foundation Stage understand and contribute to children's learning and assessments. The children know all adults in the EYFS area and confidently interact with staff outside their immediate teaching team. 


Driven by our love of books, our topic planning shows how the principles of the EYFS will be put into practice and is always informed by observations and assessments we have made of the children, considering their current interests, development and learning. 


Our learning extends outside the classroom,  into our large outdoor area and beyond. By making the most of our indoor and outdoor environments we encourage children to develop the characteristics of effective, active learning, playing, exploring, creating and thinking critically. We strongly encourage an age appropriate, growing level of independence and resilience so that children develop a perseverance that will support learning both now, and in the future. 


We share children's learning with their families, and their families are encouraged to share the children's experiences from home. The strongest partnership with families build the very best foundations for children's learning.